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We are pleased to present our first revolutionary product:
Please read the “User Manuel and Safety Instructions” carefully and watch the “How to Use?” video. If you have any questions, please write to us. It’s our pleasure to reply asap ;)

User Manuel and Safety Instructions

SAYZ® Boob Tape is designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position underneath clothing.
How to apply SAYZ® Boob Tape:
Ensure skin is clean and dry. Do not use powders, foundation creams, moisturizers, oils or fragrances before applying to your body. Do not stretch the tape more than necessary. Before using SAYZ® Boob Tape, it is recommended to apply SAYZ® Nipple Cover. Cut SAYZ® Boob Tape in a desired size before application. Remove the protective paper and adhere it onto your breast as desired. If the tape does come away and won’t adhere, hold your hand over the tape for 1 minute to add heat. This makes the tape stickier and helps it to adhere. One lift is enough to shape your breast in a desired way. Do not use two lifts layered on top of each other, this may cause the skin to overheat. SAYZ® Boob Tape is latex free, contains %90 cotton and hypoallergenic materials; however, we recommend that you perform a skin test 48 hours before extended use by wearing the tape for up to 4 hours to experience how the skin reacts. If you experience any itching, irritation, burning, or discomfort of any kind remove the tape immediately. Do not use on open cuts, skin disorders, rashes, sun damaged or sun burned skin, white patches, skin pigmentation problem. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or you are pregnant or lactating, allergic to SAYZ® Boob Tape glue or one of its substances do not use this tape. Ones with a high level of melanin or a family history of depigmentation may experience skin lightening from the use of this product. Even if you have had no previous reaction to SAYZ® Boob Tape or similar products, sensitivity may occur. We recommend you not to wear SAYZ® Boob Tape for more than 8 hours at a time. High body temperature leads to the drying of the adhesive so the longer you wear it the stronger it becomes attached. SAYZ® Boob Tape should be removed before sleeping. Do not expose SAYZ® Boob Tape to direct sun. Do not sunbathe with this tape.
It is very important that you take care in removing the lifts. We recommend that when wishing to remove the lifts, you first apply your favorite lotion or oil to the edges of the lift. Adding oil to the skin will help remove them very easily. If you want to remove the tape, do not start peeling from the top. Take it slowly, lift from the bottom corner and pull up gently. If you find there is any resistance add oil or lotion and continue. SAYZ Boob Tape is for single use only; cannot be adhered after removal from your breast. After removal, do not use another SAYZ® Boob Tape for at least 72 hours.
SAYZ® Boob Tape contains CE certified materials that are provided from a reliable manufacturer operating in the medical sector. Please be aware that SAYZ® Boob Tape may cause side effects, such as allergic reactions and minor injuries, just like any other product you apply to your skin might do. It is our customers responsibility to read “User Manuel and Safety Instructions” before using the tape. SAYZ® Boob Tape manufacturers and sellers are not legally liable for possible risks or injuries. Our customers acknowledge that they have used the product after they have read and understood all possible risks described in this document, before using the product. SAYZ® Boob Tape is not a medical product and should not be used for any purpose other than its intended use.